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Getting you what you are entitled to

Relatus has a growing reputation as a champion for small businesses. We have the know how and experience to make sure your that your business is claiming all of the benefits, reliefs and grants that it is due.


Relatus expertly identifies opportunities availiable to to you to recover overpayments or receive rebates and grants. Taxation and grant administration is highly complex, buearucratic and beyond the scope of many small businesses.


Thanks to the expertise of our legal and accounting teams, our dedication and many years of experience in taxation and grant administration we can offer you the financial muscle normally associated with  large in house financial teams.

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What makes us special


Our fees are based on the results we acheive for you. You wont pay us a penny until you have benefited from our services. Thats the very definition of a Win Win relationship.


About our company

What we offer


A review of your opportunities to claim reliefs, deductions or grants that you may have failed to claim. Once identified Relatus prepare all necessary paperwork supporting the claim and if necessary will represent you at any review or appeal meeting. We manage the claim process from start to final payment to you. Then and only then will you  be charged for our service which will never be more than 20% of any sums we recover for you.


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