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As the prospect of a double dip recession looms, UK SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are preparing to endure increasingly tougher trading conditions.  Despite this, new research from’s Small Business Tax Action Report reveals that SMEs are set to waste a massive £7.15 bn in unnecessary payments to the taxman this year.


This equates to an average of just over £1,500 for each of the 4.5 million small to medium sized businesses in the UK



Tax rebates


Capital allowances, accounting date, choice of Company or Sole trader, Vat scheme, Salary or dividends are just a few of the elections and decisions that you need to make. All of them can be altered and some of them retrospectivley.


Relatus will review your situation and advise you if tax can be saved by making some changes.


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Business Rates

Many small businesses overpay Business rates. This can be due to a valuation errors which can be appealed, or faliure to take advantage of relief and allowances. In both cases Local authorities will only deal with overpayments in the current year but Relatus can force them to go back in time and in some cases for 5 years

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Additional services

  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Entrepenurs relief
  • SIPP's