Tax rebates

Many small businesses find submitting tax returns is a daunting task. Our experts ensure that you have claimed all the reliefs and allowances available to you.


Company formation and intelligent salary versues divided policy can save you substantial amounts of tax (particularly NHI).


Vat for small businesses can be costly and complex to administer. Our experts will make sure that you minimise the VAT paid by electing to join certain schemes if it would benefit your business. Relatus have also been very sucessfull in redesigning the way that certain services are delivered in order to avoid the need to register for vat at all. Imagine that 20% of your revenue straight to the bottom line.


The sooner you contact us, the quicker you can get peace of mind that you are not paying a penny more in tax than you have to. Phone us on 01727 260800 to make an appointment.


Specific services

  • Capital allowance reviews
  • Company verses Sole trader analysis
  • Vat deregistration for personal service business.
  • Trading loss relief optimisation
  • Early utilisation of overlap relief